Chef of the restaurant & bar AVIATOR - Belotserkovsky Miroslav.

In the past he worked with such institutions as: Pokrovsky Gory restaurant, restaurant Sibir, Prime Time restaurant in Ostankino television center.

Miroslav has been doing his favorite work for 12 years now and gladly sharing the secrets of his "high" plans on the 52nd floor of the Moscow City complex: "In the Aviator I plan to make a healthy kitchen as much as possible, but without limiting my imagination from the various delights of the author's cuisine. Kitchen Restaurant Aviator - what is it? First of all, certainly author's, beautiful, elegant, delightful, saturated with color scale and beautiful aromas, so exciting imagination and appetite. Our menu does not stand still and does not depend on the season. Each dish is born with its own history, competently thought-out composition and unusual combinations. The dishes should not only please you, but also surprise you when you first meet them. Each dish that I enter on the menu should inform our guest about all its taste, rich aroma, and maximum benefit. The most unusual and revealing taste of each dish of the author's cuisine Aviator is certainly a sauce. All of them are made from real tropical fruits, vegetables and berries, without the addition of preservatives and colorants, which especially emphasizes the dish. Also for me, not only the taste but also the originality of the presentation is important: so that a person, when seeing, can already enjoy the taste. After all, at first we are full of eyes, since the appetite is born during the visual process. "